I'll throw all your stuff away and then I'll clear my head . I'll tear you , and ignore all your messages . I'll celebrate  , i'm so much better without you but it's just another pretty lie . Because i break down so how did you get here under my skin? i swore that i'll never let you back . Should've known better than trying to let you go , because here we go again! What is thath joy I know i can't quit ?  There's something about you that's so addictive .
We're falling together . you think to find out why now , because here we go again. You never know what you want , and you never say what you mean , but i start yo go insane everytime taht you look at me .
You only hear half of what i say , and you're always showing up too late and i know that i should say goodbye but i can't be without you.

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